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Soviet spy radio sets

The USSR, or Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, commonly known as Soviet Union, was a Marxist-Leninist federation of states on the Eurasian continent that existed between 1922 and 1991. It was controlled by the Communist Party with Moscow (Russia) as its capital.

The end of WWII marked the start of the Cold War; a period of enormous tension between East and West, but also a period in which many eavesdropping and spy radio sets were developed. As the leading nation of the Warsaw Pact, Russia – or in fact the Soviet Union (USSR) – developed a wide range of clandestine radios.

The radios were developed for secret intelligence services like the KGB and the GRU, and for Special Forces (SF) of the Soviet Army, such as the Spetsnaz. The KGB and GRU issued the radios to spies and agents in the West, allowing them to contact the Centre in case of an emergency. The radio was some­times hidden in or near the agent's house, but more commonly in a secret underground cache.

Soviet spy radio sets on this website
Tensor 4-piece spy radio set (USSR)
PR-56A receiver
Rion spy radio set
R-350 / Orel (Eagle)
R-350M / Orel (Eagle)
R-354 / Shmel (Bumblebee)
R-353 / Proton
A-610 SEZHA miniature receiver (USSR)
R-394 K / Strizh (Swift)
Strizh (Swift) spy radio set, based on the R-394KM
R-394 KM / Strizh (Swift)
R-355 Base Station Controller
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Sony ICF-2001D receiver that was used by some Soviet spies in the West
Soyka body-wearable intercept receiver
Kopchik aperiodic surveillance detection receiver
Russian concealment device
The Thing, also known as The Great Seal Bug, planted by the USSR in the office of the American Ambassador.
Transistorized Russian bug used by the KGB around 1964
Soviet bug inside IBM Selectric typewriter - Operation GUNMAN
Russian countermeasures receiver for the 100 MHz to 12 GHz frequency range
Known USSR spy radio sets
Below is an overview of all Russian spy radio sets known to date. Only the radios listed above, are covered on this website, but we would be very happy to add more to our collection. If you have any information, corrections or additions for the items listed below, please contact us.

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