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Covert equipment
This section is about equipment used for covert operations, ranging from cold-war spy cameras to state-of-the-art body wearable surveillance transceivers. Covert operations are often thought to be clandestine or illegal activities, but they also include surveillance tasks, observations, bugging, protection (of people), etc. Click any of the thumbnails below to enter a category.

 Index of covert equipment

A wide variety of cameras used for espionage and covert operations Miniature wire and tape recorders Radio sets used for covert operations, surveillance and observation Covert listening and eavesdropping devices Concealed microphones
Concealment Devices, Stashes and Dead Drops or Dead Letter Boxes (including Electronic Dead Letter Boxes) Concealment Devices, Stashes and Microcaches Covert tools for inspection, lock-picking, countermeasures, etc.
Famous spy cases Software for covert and clandestine use
Please note that there are some overlaps with other categories on this website. For example, a Direction Finder that can be carried under the operative's clothing, is in fact also a covert device. And the same is sometimes true for spy radio sets, burst encoders and encryption devices.
  1. Ausrüstungen für Schutz und Sicherheit
    Catalog with a wide variety of covert equipment (German).
    Electron GmbH. Munchengladbach, September 1979.
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