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Covert microphones
Concealed and discguised microphones

Many of the devices featured on this website rely on the use of microphones. They are used, for example, to covertly record a conversation between two people, bugging a room or during (covert) surveillance operations. In such applications it is important that the microphone is not recognised as such, which means it has to be nearly invisible or concealed in something else.

This part of the website shows some popular examples of microphones that can be concealed effectively. Some of these devices are bare microphones that are so small that they can easily be integrated with (or under) the operative's clothing. Others are disguised as common objects.

Covert microphones on this website
Maico Model R hearing aid, converted for CIA use
Wired microphone disguised as a watch
Wired Sennheiser microphone disguised as a fountain pen
Sennheiser miniature microphone
Sennheiser lapel microphone
Sennheiser sub-miniature dynamic capsule
Fortiphone FM-5
Audium T-7114 covert microphone
Audiotel wall probe microphone with extremely sensitive amplifier
Miniature microphone elements manufactured by Knowles
Overview of Sennheiser covert microphones
American Microphone Company DD-4, used by the CIA
Miniature microphone elements manufactured by Shure
Type-B probe microphone, based on the RCA BK-6B
Ceramic Shear Tube Contact Microphone
SWM-28 miniature electret condenser microphone used by the CIA
SWM-44B miniature electret microphone, cast in silicone
East-German normal-mode contact microphone with nail (Körperschall-Mikrofon)
Embedded microphones used by the KGB, the GRU and the FSB
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