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Covert Recorders
This section deals with recording devices that were (or are) used for covert operations by law enforcement agencies, security agencies and intelligence-gathering services (espionage). The equipment can be used for a variety of purposes, such as covertly recording a conversation, tapping telephone lines, bugging a room and collecting incriminating evidence from a suspect.

 Index of covert recorders

Covert recorders on this website
Minifon Mi-51, the first wire recorder from Protona Minifon P 55, the successor to the Mi-51 Minifon Ataché, the first all-transistor tape-based Minifon Minifon Special, a wire recorder for the secret services. Nagra SN high-end miniature tape recorder Nagra 'Crevette' data logger for torpedos Sub-miniature professional-grade body wearable tape recorder developed for the FBI
Nagra PS-1 playback unit for JBR tape cassettes
Nagra CBR digital Covert Body Recorder
Yachta (Soviet clone of Nagra SNST) Soviet covert wire recorder MEZON Concealed microphones
UHER audio recorders Radio Trevisan RT-2000 law enforcement telephone tap recorder AEG Telefunken M-36 Nagra 4.2 professional open-reel audio recorder
E-120 Mini Corder and U-120 Transcriber Nagra CCR covert recorder at the size of a credit card (no image available)
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