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Covert Cameras
This section is about cameras that were used for covert operations. The cameras range from high-tech sub-miniature spy camera's, such as the Minox B, to cameras for inconspicious photography and observations. Click any of the thumbnails below for a further description.

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Covert cameras on this website
Minox miniature and subminiature cameras Russian copy of the Minox 35 EL Russian Krasnogorsk F-21 spy camera used by the KGB for a variety of applications Russian Photo Sniper (Foto Snaiper) with 300 mm telephoto lens used by the KGB Tochka-58 and Tochka-58M subminiature clockwork cameras used by the KGB (Russian variant of the Minox-A) Ticka camera (also known as Expo watch camera) from 1906 Swiss-made Tessina subminature 35 mm camera, used by the Stasi, the CIA and several others The Japanese PETAL; the smalles production camera in the world
Soviet covert observation camera with spring mechanism Robot Star 50 clockwork camera Miniature electronic covert surveillance camera High-volume covert surveillance camera Yolka S-64 (a.k.a. Yolochka, Elka and Yelka) Commercial rollover camera, also used by the KGB Fixed-distance compact reproduction camera S-112 (C-112) Small portable document copier
Professional film cutter (21 mm) John Player Special covert camera (Kiev 30)
Kiev 30 16 mm minuature camera Kiev 303 16 mm minuature camera Video-Over-Radio system (Racal/Thales)
 Index of covert cameras
Arsenal Kiev (Ukraine) BelOMO Minsk (Belarus) Mechanical Factory of Krasnogorsk (KMZ) - ZENIT
Minox miniature and subminiature cameras
Wanted cameras
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