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Soviet spy radio set - this page is a stub - wanted item

R-353-L is a solid-state spy radio set, developed around 1988 in the Soviet Union (USSR) and probably built at the Proton factory in Kharkov 1 (Ukraine), as one of the successors to the R-353. The radio consists of two parts, has English markings and has a built-in digital burst encoder, that is similar in operation to the one that is present in the R-394K Mark II and in the R-394KM.


  1. Russian: Хáрьков (Kharkov), Ukrainian: Хáркiв (Kharkiv).

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  1. Single-piece version
    With this version the two units are held together by two hinges. Furthermore, they are interconnected by means of a fixed flexible cable at the left side of the front panels.

  2. Two-piece version
    With this version the two units are each housed in a separate enclosure, that has been extended at the left side, to accomodate 25-way female sub-D sockets. A separate cable is used to connect the two units together.
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