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Cold War
The Cold War was a state of political and military tension in the period following World War II (WWII), from 1947 to 1991, between the Western Block and the Eastern Block. The Western Block consisted of the United States (US), Europe and NATO, whilst the Eastern Block consisted of the Soviet Union (USSR) and its Warsaw Pact allies. The ideological and physical border between the two blocks was known as the Iron Curtain. During the Cold War, both sides used spy radio sets for clandestine operations, espionage, stay-behind organisations (SBO) and one-way voice links.

Cod War spy radio sets on this website
RS-1 (AN/GRC109) RS-6 AN/PRC-64 and Delco 5300 TAR-224A spy radio set German spy set SP-15 Dutch version of the SP-15 with synthesizer German spy set SP-20 Racal PRM-4150
Mk. 119 Mk. 122 Mk. 123 Mk. 301 Receiver Mk. 328 Receiver Belgian post-war version of the UK Type 36/1 (MCR-1), made by MBLE (Philips) Philips ZO-47, used by Dutch stay-behind from 1947 onwards Rion spy radio set
R-350 / Orel (Eagle) R-350M / Orel (Eagle) R-353 / Proton R-354 / Shmel (Bumblebee) R-394 K / Strizh (Swift) R-394 KM / Strizh (Swift) Strizh (Swift) - based on the R-394KM Severok-K
AEG Telefunken SE-6861 (LAPR) Special Forces radio station AN/PRC-319 (BA-1302) Telefunken spy set FS-5000 Russian R-355 Base Station Controller Swedish R-190 special forces radio Sony ICF-2001D receiver that was used by some Soviet spies in the West Zenith Royal 1000 Trans-Oceanic receiver VEB Sternradio Sonneberg (DDR) - Sternchen
BND short-wave converter BN-48 (UHU) backup receiver
PLUTO spy radio set (1958) SIRIUS spy radio set (1962) PIVOŇKA automatic morse keyer 50W transmitter used in Congo 20W transmitter used in Angola 200W radio station used in Congo and Kurdistan (North Iraque)
FM broadcast propaganda transmitter Hungarian AK-20 spy radio set Czechoslovakian VHF or UHF bug receiver Single-piece version of the RTP-8/SSB spy radio set Three-piece RTP8-SSB/3 spy radio set Berger BE-20/3 three-piece radio set (Austria) Telefunken ESK-52 (made the French intelligence services) Rion spy radio set
RS-59 modular spy radio station Tensor 4-piece spy radio set (USSR) QRC-222 suitcase spy radio set (1964) DDR spy radio set 'Type 2'
FS-8 (KSG-Sender) (transmitter) developed by the BND in 1957 CDS-501 short-range agent communications RS-804 satellite message burst transmitter CIA surveillance receiver SSR-100
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