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R-394KM Strizh
Operating instructions
The military R-394KM clandestine transmitter and its spy variant Strizh, consist of three building blocks: A receiver (TX), a Digital Storage Unit (DSU) and a transmitter (TX). The radio station can only be used when all three units are mounted together. The spy-version of the set generally has English text on its control panel, whilst the text on the military version is commonly in Russian (although other language variants are known to exist). The front panel of the spy-version looks as follows:

Using the receiver
Preparing a message

Using the transmitter

Sending a burst transmission

Sending messages in morse code
In emergency situations it is possible to send messages directly in morse code, without encoding them and loading them into the DSU first. There are three ways to send a message manually:

  • DSU manual mode
  • Built-in key
  • External key
Further information
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