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Racal Datacom Ltd.
Racal was a Britisch manufacturer of electronic equipment and is best known for its range of military radio and cryptographic products. The company was founded in 1950 as Racal Ltd. and was at one time the 3rd largest electronics company in the UK. In 1982 Racal founded Racal Vodafone together with Millicom. The network went live in January 1985 but in 1991, Racal was forced to sell it off. Vodafone would later become the largest mobile network in the world.

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In 2000, Racal was taken over by Thomson-CSF (now: Thales), providing the French company a good position in the UK defense market. Although Thales has continued part of the former Racal product line, most products have gradually disappeared along with the name 'Racal' itself.

Racal equipment on this website
Racal cryptographic equipment featured on this website
Spy radio set PRM-4150 (TITHE)
Racal burst encoders
Video-Over-Radio system (Racal/Thales)
Over the years Racal was known under many different company names, including:

  • Racal Ltd
  • Racal Milgo
  • Racal COMSEC Ltd.
  • Racal Datacom Ltd.
  • Racal Mobilcom Ltd.
  • Racal Tacticom Ltd.
  • Racal-Radio Ltd.
  • Thomson-CSF
  • Thales
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