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Racal Ltd. 1 was a British manufacturer of military electronics such as radios and encryption devices. It was founded in 1950 and was once the 3rd largest electronics company in the UK. Over the years, Racal produced many different communications and cryptographic devices, with an increasing degree of sophistication. Some of their crypto-enabled products are listed below.

In 2000, Racal was sold to the French company Thomson-CSF (now: Thales), who continued part of the former Racal product line, which is still being developed in the UK. One example is the Gougar 2000 range of covert radios. After 2000 the name Racal has gradually disappeared.

 More about Racal

  1. Over the years Racal was known under many different names.

Racal encryption devices on this website
MA-4204 Voice Crypto Unit
MA-4014B Audio Encryption Unit
MA-4204 Voice Crypto Unit
MA-4225 Portable Voice Encryption Unit
MA-4420 Message Base Station (MEROD)
MA-4450 Message entry device (MEROD)
Racal MA-4245 portable data encryptor
MA-4470 Voice Crypto Unit
Racal MA-44741 Secure Phone Adapter
Racal PRM-4515 Cougar handheld radio
Racal Cougar PRM-4735 body-wearable covert radio with voice encryption
Thales PRM-5120 Cougar covert radio with voice encryption
Digital voice encryptor
Racal MA-4073 programmer and key filler
Racal MA-4083C fill gun
Racal MA-4778 Cougar DS-102 key fill interface
Video-Over-Radio system (Racal/Thales)
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