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Thales, formerly known as Thomson-CSF, is a large multinational organisation that specializes in technology for aerospace, defence, transportation and (data) security. Much of the encryption technology was acquired through take-overs of companies like Alcatel in Norway, who in turn inherited it from STK (Norway), Philips Usfa in The Netherlands and Racal in the UK. The range of encryption devices from STK and Alcatel was continued and further enhanced by Thales Norway. 1

  1. This is effectively the former STK.

Thales devices on this website
TCE-300, bulk encryption system TCE-500, secrure crypto telephone Philips/HSA SPIDER VHF/FM tactical manpack radio Thales PRM-5120 Cougar covert radio with voice encryption Thales TCE-621/B link encryptor Thales TCE-621/M Mobile IP encryptor
Examples of companies that have been taken over by Thales:

  1. Hugo Ryvik, On a Secret Mission, 50 years of Norwegian cryptology
    2005. Thales internal publication. Limited edition.

  2. Thomson-CSF, Company brochure
    1990. Retrieved June 2013.
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