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Radio sets
Military-grade radio sets

This page contains a number of (military) radio sets. The list is by no means complete and only shows devices that contain, or are used in combination with, crypto equipment. It also shows radios that were used by Stay-Behind Networks (Gladio) and Special Forces (SF). For radios that were used for clandestine operations, please refer to the section on Spy Radios.

This section also describes a number of integrated (radio) communication systems that are commonly referred to on this website. Click any of the links below for further information or check out the Glossary. If you have additional information available, please contact us.

Radio sets on this website
Close-up of the two control units: the EMU (left) and the frequency control unit (right) Perspective right view of the RT-1439/VRC Front view of the RT-1439/VRC AEG Telefunken SE-6861 HF radio, also known as LAPR Philips RT-3600 wideband VHF FM radio Philips RT-4600 wideband VHF FM radio Philips/HSA/Signaal VHF FM wideband military tactical manpack radio The TACBE in the palm of a hand
Telefunken spy set FS-5000 Telefunken tactical radio family HF-7000 Russian R-152 radio station Yugoslav RU-2 and RU-2/2K manpack transceiver Racal PRM-4720A rugged tactical portable VHF-L FM radio Racal PRM-4515 Cougar handheld radio Racal Cougar PRM-4735 body-wearable covert radio with voice encryption Selex H4855 Personal Role Radio (PRR)
Selex H4855 ELSA Enhanced Encrypted Personal Role Radio (EZ-PRR) Telefunken FuG-8 two-way police radio (4m band) RDN-F-221 full-duplex data/voice radio for 2-meter band Siemens CHX-200 high-end HF radio system Telefunken ECHOTEL HF Modem ETM-1800 Telefunken ECHOTEL HF Modem ETM-1810 Telefunken ECHOTEL HF Modem ETM-1820
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