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Personal Security Systems (PSS), commonly known as The Spy Shop – is a Dutch supplier of TSCM-equipment, such as listening devices (bugs), bug-tracers, cameras, recorders, night-vision equipment, detection devices, etc., established in the late 1970s by Dick Offringa – who still runs the company today (2019) – and located at Postjesweg 41 & 47 in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

The company started in 1978 in Offringa's private appartment in De Jordaan (Amsterdam), with an extensive catalogue – typed on his home typewriter – that contained spy gear from all over the world [2]. A few years later, the shop was moved to Postjesweg 41 & 47, where it is still located today (2019). With his brother Chris, Dick Offringa is also the co-founder of Teleworld, a local company that specialised in the sales of (cordless) telephones [2]. Today, Teleworld is one of the largest suppliers and repair centres of GSM phones in the Netherlands.

PSS Spy Shop products on this website
Sugar cube bug
TM-104 FM transmitter with contact microphone
Telephone microphone replacement (transmitter)
Ballpoint transmitter
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     Direct download

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