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UHER Werke München KG

UHER Werke München KG 1 , commonly abbreviated to UHER, was an electronics company in München (Germany) that was specialised in the development and manufacture of (portable) open-reel tape recorders. The company was established in 1952 and was sold in 1974. Their machines were known for their reliability and became very popular with reporters and in the film industry. The recorders were also used by many law enforcement agencies and in the espionage business.

UHER logo. Copyright Assmann GmbH.

The company was established as a GmbH (Ltd.) in December 1952 or January 1953 by Hungary-born Edmond Uher, with the first open-reel tape recorder being ready for release late in 1953 [1]. The machine went into production the next year. In 1957, the company was converted into a KG (limited partnership) and was renamed to UHER Werke München KG, registered in Austria. After digital recording became mainstream, UHER became less popular and was finally sold in 1974 to Assmann GmbH in Bad Homburg (Germany) who currently owns and licences the brand name.

Because of the reliability of the recorders and their relatively small size (for the era), they were used in the broadcast and film industry as an affordable alternative to Nagra. The machines were also used by law enforcement agencies and in the espionage trade during interrogations and for covertly recording conversations. In the early 1960s, the Czechoslovakian intelligence agency even converted the UHER Report 4000 recorder into an Electronic Dead Letter Box (EDLB).

  1. The company was established as a GmbH (Ltd.) but was converted into a KG (limited partnership) in 1957.

UHER equipment on this website
Report 4000 S
UHER Universal 5000
Radio Trevisan RT-2000 law enforcement telephone intercept recorder, based on the UHER 4400
Czech UHER-based Electronic Dead Letter Box (EDLB)
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