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The 6L6 is a beam-tetrode in a metal enclosure, developed in the mid-1930s by RCA for use in (audio) power amplifiers. It is believed to be the first true aligned-grid beam tetrode to have become available commercially in 1935. The design of the beam tetrode circumvents certain Philips power pentode patents [1]. During and after WWII, the 6L6 was a popular valve for the PA-stage of a (clandestine) short wave transmitter. The glass variant of the valve is known as 6L6GT. The 6V6 is a derivative of the 6L6. It has the same pin layout, but produces less output power.

 6L6 datasheet

Pinout as seen from the bottom of the valve

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British spy radi set Type 3 Mark II, also known as the B2
American spy radio set SSTR-1 of 1942
AP-5 spy radio set, developed by the Poles in the UK
Tensor 4-piece spy radio set (USSR)
BCRA transmitter
Telefunken ESK-52 (made the French intelligence services)
  • CV1948
  • VT-115
  • 6P3P
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    Retrieved June 2021.
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