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T send 61
Paper tape transmitter - under construction

T.send.61, often abbreviated to T-61, was a punched paper tape transmitter, or retransmitter, developed in the early 1950s by Siemens in Germany. The device was intended as an add-on for teleprinters (telex machines), such as the Siemens T-37. It allows pre-perforated 5-level (baudot) paper tapes, created on a regular telex, to be transmitted via a telex line or radio channel.

The unit measures 37 x 20.5 x 16 cm and was available in black and beige, to match the telex equipment with which it was used. It is suitable for a 50 baud 1 data rate, and was often used in combination with the Siemens T-37 teleprinter, which did not have a built-in tape transmitter.

The device is powered directly from the 220V AC mains and can be connected to a dedicated telex line or — with a suitable interface — to a radio.

The T.send.61 was introduced in the early 1950s and was in production until approximately 1965.
Siemens T.send.61b

The interior of the T.send.61 can be accessed by loosening a single screw at the centre of the top surface. This allows the case shell to be slid somewhat towards the rear and then lifted off. Inside the case is a motor and some power circuitry, plus a standard Siemens 5-level tape reader.

  1. The device is also suitable for a 45 baud data rate.

Siemens T.send.61b Close-up of the tape rader Inside the T send 61 T.send.61b interior T.send.61b interior Motor Wiring detail Model and serial number plate
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Siemens T.send.61b
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Close-up of the tape rader
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Inside the T send 61
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T.send.61b interior
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T.send.61b interior
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7 / 8
Wiring detail
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Model and serial number plate

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  2. Der Lochstreifensender T send 61a, Betriebsanweisung und Teileverzeichnis
    Technical description and parts list (German).
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  3. T send 61, Wiring diagrams
    Siemens & Halske, date unknown.
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