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WS-38 Mk. II
Infantry radio set - this page is a stub

WS-38 Mark II was the standard issue infantry radio set, used during WWII by the British Army. It was introduced in 1942 and by the end of the war, more than 100,000 had been made. Although stricktly speaking this radio is not a real spy radio set, it was used during landing operations in Yugoslavia and Norway, where it was used for short-range traffic between covertly operating U-Boats and agents on the coast line. This page currently acts as a placeholder for information.

  • Frequency
    7.4 to 9.2 MHz
  • Modulation
  • Range
    ~ 0.5 mile (4 ft. rod), 2 miles (12 ft. rod)
  • Output
    200 mW
  • Power
    HT: 105 V, LT: 3 V
  • Current
    RX: 9/240 mA, TX: 16/480 mA
  • Weight
    22 pounds
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    Date unknown.
  1. Jan Poortman (PA3ESY), Wireless-Set 38 (ZA 13280)
    Retrieved August 2019.
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