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Dave Frasier
NSA cryptomathematician - this page is a stub

Dave Frasier (?-1979) was a cryptomathematician at department G4 of the US National Security Agency (NSA) at Fort Meade (MD, USA). Together with his colleagues Peter Jenks, Frank Raven and Nora Mackebee, he worked on the CIA's covert operations SPARTAN and RUBICON. In the latter, the CIA and the German BND had secretly purchased the Swiss company Crypto AG (Hagelin), whith the aim to spy on its customers. It was the NSA's task to break these cipher systems.

He was involved in the development of weakened cryptographic algorithms that were inserted by CIA into the equipment sold by Crypto AG (Hagelin). This is also known as a backdoor. Together with Peter Jenks he was the cryptographic heart and soul of the NSA and in particular of the CIA's Operation RUBICON. In mid-1979, nine years into the operation, Dave Frasier committed suicide. Around the same time, Peter Jenks abruptly retired from the NSA. He died in 1989 of cancer.

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