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Tadiran Ltd. is one of Israel's leading electronics companies, involved in developing, producing and marketing telecommunication and communication products. It produces systems for the commercial market as well as the Department of Defense of many countries world-wide, including the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the DoD of the UK and the USA. Tadiran consists of many subsidaries, such as Tadiran Electronic Industries and Tadiran Communications Ltd.

In July 1995, Tadiran was awarded a government contract [2] to build a new two-way radio system that would replace the existing ageing 1960s radios. In the same year, Tadiran, together with General Dynamics, produced 45% of all SINCGARS military communications systems to the US Army. Tadiran also developed and built COMSEC equipment for the DoD.

Tadiran was founded in 1962 by the merger of two Israeli companies Tadir and Ran [3] and became specialists in the field of telecommunications, medical and defense systems. On 1 July 2008, Tadiran was fully integrated into its owner Elbit Systems Land and C4I [1]. Since 2004, Elbit is also the full owner of the military radio manufacturer Telefunken Racoms in Ulm (Germany).

Tradiran products on this website
SEC-13 crypto unit
The front panel of the SEC-15, with the 'door' open
TMD-326 message entry device with burst transmitter
Known Tadiran COMSEC products
Other Tadiran products
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