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Mactron was an electronics and security company based in Oosterbeek (Netherlands). The company was established in the late 1980s and specialized in video surveillance equipment for banks, such as the Dutch ABN-Amro bank. A special department of Mactron developed and built high-end security products in low quantities, the so-called specials, such as the succesful Necktie Bug that was used for covert operations, and the original Mactron FM radio bug.

Around 1990, the company attracted additional capital and moved to a new building with ample space for the various activities. New personnel was attracted and various new products were developed. In 1992 however, the company faced bankrupcy after bad strategic decisions and alledged fraud by one of its new directors. The company was subsequently liquidated, leaving the original owner empty handed. Parts of the old Mactron eventually went to a new owner.

Mactron equipment on this website
Mactron FM radio bug
Mactron Mark II bug with built-in microphone pre-amplifier
Mactron Beacon for tracking and tracing
Telephone line bug based on a Mactron FM transmitter
Subminiture transmitter that can be hidden in the knot of a necktie
Professional RF bug hidden inside the enclosure of a power adapter
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  1. WJ de Bruin, Afluisterpraktijken kunnen bedrijven te gronde richten
    Digibron (website). 18 October 1984 (Dutch).
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