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Elcom Nachrichtentechnik GmbH

ELCOM Gesellschaft für Elektronik und Nachrichtentechnik mbH, commonly abbreviated to Elcom GmbH, was a medium-size electronics engineering and manufacturing company based in München (Germany) and owned by Dr. Edmund Vollrath, who was not only the managing director (CEO) and technical director (TEO), but also the principle research and development engineer.

According to the European Electronics Directory of 1994, the company had 35 employees in that year. ELCOM was a major supplier of system components to AEG/Telefunken in Ulm (Germany), and developed key components for Telefunken's E-1800 and E-1900 receivers. In the mid-1990s ELCOM also developed the PAN-2000 monitoring receiver for the Dutch Radio Monitoring Service HDTP-RDR (now: AT). In the late 1990s, ELCOM was incorporated with AEG-INTERMAS GmbH, an AEG subsidary that was established in the 1960s, and went on as INTERMAS-ELCOM GmbH.

ELCOM equipment on this website
Panoramic display unit for Telefunken E-1800 and E-1900 receivers
Monitoring receiver PAN-2000
Affiliated companies
    Development and manufacturing
    Development of industrial ISA96/AT96 and AMS bus components
    Manufacturing of printed circuit boards (PCBs)
Last known address
  • ELCOM GmbH
    Anzinger Straße 1
    81671 München

    Phone: +49 89 413002 0
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