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VHF/UHF Communications receiver - this page is a stub

E-1900/3 is a high-end professional VHF/UHF communications receiver, manufactured around 1990 by AEG Telefunken (later: DASA) 1 in Ulm (Germany). It is basically the VHF/UHF version of the E-1800/3 HF receiver. It is suitable for intercept, direction finding, radio monitoring, etc.

In its basic form, the E-1900/3 covers a frequency range from 20 MHz to 500 MHz, that can be expanded to 1000 MHz by adding a plug-in module for the 500-1000 MHz range.

This page currently acts as a placeholder for future information about this receiver.

Panoramic Display
Panoramic display   PSG-1800
For a visual inspection of the frequency spectrum around an intercepted signal, it is possible to connect the PSG-1800 panaramic display to the IF output of the E-1800 receiver.

The device features a crisp and clear EL Display and can be used to view the spectrum from two receivers simultaneously.

 More information
PSG-1800 panoramic viewer

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    Retrieved September 2018.
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