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GOVCERT Symposium 2011
GOVCERT.NL is the Cyber Security and Response Team of the Dutch government [1]. They aid government agencies and departments by preventing and treating ICT security incidents, such as the 2011 Diginotar security breach [2]. Each year, GOVCERT shares their knowledge with others, by organizing an international symposium with a variety of speakers and subjects.

This year's symposium was held on 15 and 16 November at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam (Netherlands). It was themed Decade of Challenges and had over 600 attendees and nearly 30 speakers from a range of countries [3].

Museum Scryption and Crypto Museum were invited to host a large exhibition of historical cipher machines in the main hall of the WTC. At one side of the hall was the entrance of the main theatre and the conference rooms. The hall itself was used for coffee breaks, refreshments, lunch and networking people.
Overview of the exhibition showing the glass showcases

Around the circumfere of the main hall, we installed a series of large glass showcases in which over 50 historical cipher machines, spy radios and documents were displayed. Check out the photographs below. Part of the exhibition was, of course, dedicated to the famous Enigma machine. Alongside the well-known Enigma-I used by the German Wehrmacht during WWII, we were showing a recently discovered pre-war Commercial Enigma machine from 1927.

Other sections of the exhibition were showing equipment of the Swiss manufacturer Hagelin (Now Crypto AG) and the former Dutch crypto manufacturer Philips Usfa (Later: Philips Crypto). One section was dedicated to the Cold War, showing a Russian R-353 spy radio set, a real Russian One-Time Pad (OTP), hidden in a concealment of a travel kit [4], and the famous 10-wheel Fialka cipher machine that was modelled after the Enigma in the years following WWII.

Overview of the exhibition showing the glass showcases

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    Dutch Government Cyber Security Incident Responce Team

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  4. AIVD, Internal Museum
    Some items were kindly given on loan by the Dutch Intelligence Agency AIVD.
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