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Radio Beacon Tracker - this page is a stub

DF-5 is a mobile radio direction finder (RDF), based on the correlative interferometer principle, introduced around 1990 by Datong in Leeds (UK). The device was intended as a beacon tracker and was sold exclusively to governments and law enforcement agencies. It was used by various European organisations, including the UK's GCHQ and the Dutch Police, for following suspected vehicles, persons and money. It was succeeded in 1993 by the much improved DF-5 receiver.

The price of a DF-4 with (optional) PET extension was the equivalent of EUR 26,650 in 1993 [1].

  1. DF-4 Leaflet
    Datong Electronics Ltd., date unknown.

  2. PET Leaflet
    Datong Electronics Ltd., date unknown.
  1. Internal police memo, DF-4 vs. DF-5 1
    Undated, but estimated 1993.
  1. Confidential document. Not for public release.

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