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Datong Electronics Limited

Datong was an electronics development and manufacturing company, founded in 1976 in Leeds (UK) by David A. Tong. Initially specialising in amateur radio (HAM) equipment, the company later shifted its focus to professional TSCM equipment (bug finders) and radio direction finders (RDF).

In February 2013, following a rocky time on the stock market, Datong put itself up for sale. In June 2013 it was announced that the company had been taken over for US$11.4 million by Seven Technologies Holdings, an engineering business under the umbrella of Seven Technologies Ltd., established in 2005 in Northern-Ireland [1][2].

Datong TSCM devices on this website
Datong Ranger 2 automatic bug finder
Datong DF-5 direction finder
Second generation beacon D-903
CMD-3 telecommander for Datong beacons
Known equipment
TSCM equipment
Direction finders
  • D-901
    Simple 1W beacon with motion sensor
  • D-902
    2nd generation 1W beacon with motion sensor (upgradeable to D-902R)
  • D-902R
    D-902 with support for telecommander
  • D-903
    1W telecommander beacon (modular design)
  • D-904
    200 mW miniature beacon for external 7V supply
  • D-905
    200 mW bare circuit board beacon for custom applications
  • D-906
    200 mW beacon disguised as a money pack
  • E-100
    100 mW ultra-miniature beacon - bare circuit board
  • E-101
    100 mW ultra-miniature beacon in credit card size
  • E-103
    100 mW ultra-miniature beacon in money pack
  • E-200
    Thin 100 mW ultra-maniature beacon for personal protection
  • E-203
    Same, but for smaller/thinner money pack
Other equipment
Last known address
  • Datong Electronics Ltd.
    1 Low Business Park
    Leeds, UK
  1. The Newsroom, It's Seven up for Datong as £7.3m merger completed
    Yirkshire Post, 12 June 2013.

  2. Oaklins, Datong plc has been acquired by Seven Technologies Holdings
    Date unknown.
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