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Data Transfer Device - this page is a stub

DTD-II, or Data Transfer Device 2, is a portable battery powered computer-device for managing and distributing cryptographic key material, developed in 2015 by Thales Germany at the request of the German Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) 1 in Koblenz (Germany).

The device is intended for use by the German Armed Forces and Government, as well as by NATO sphere countries, and replaces existing fill devices like KYK-13, KOI-18, KSP-1, KLL-1 and (partially) KYX-15. When unkeyed, the DTD-II remains a Controlled Cryptographic Item (CCI).

The device has a 20 x 6 character liquid crystal display (LCD) and a keyboard with 43 keys. It can handle variable length black and red keys, that are protected by means of a Crypto Ignition Key (CIK). Up to 8 users are allowed per device, each of which is allowed an individual CIK and keys.
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The DTD-II is housed in a ruggedized die-cast aluminium enclosure and is suitable for use under harsh conditions. It supports three interface types: DS102 – also known as Common Fill Device Interface (CFDI), used for legacy equipment – DS101 (with tagging and data header) and RS232D (for PC applications) all of which are wired via the 6-pin U-229 (ODU) socket on the device [A].

This page is a stub — At present, Crypto Museum does not hold a DTD-II in its collection. This page is therefore provided for reference only, and acts as a placeholder for future information about this device.
  1. Federal Office for Information Management and Information Technology.

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  • German armed forces
  • German Government
  • NATO forces
  • NH90
  • A400M
  • CH53G
  • Tornado
  • U229
    6-pin socket for RS101, DS102 and RS232
  • DS101
    RS485 (64 kb/s synchronous), HDLC protocol
  • DS102
    Common Fill Device Interface (CFDI)
  • RS232D
    EKMS-603, asynchronous (PC), HDLC, EKMS-308
  • Modem
    Eurocom D/1 (via ODU connector)
  • Batteries
    Internal 2 × 1.5V C-cell
  • Power
    External via 7-pin socket
  • Display
    20 × 6 characters
  • Keyboard
    43 keys
  • Temperature
    -20°C to +70°C (storage -40°C to +70°C)
  • Dimensions
    240 × 160 × 55 mm
  • Weight
    1750 grams
Below is the pinout of the U-229 socket. For a more detailed description, check  this page.

  1. GND
  2. not connected
  3. ACK
  4. DATA
  5. CLK
  6. not connected
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  1. Data Transfer Device DTD-II — product leaflet
    Thales Germany, 2015.
  1. NATO NCI Agency, DataTransfer Device DTD-II
    Retrieved September 2019.
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