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KY-879/P   MEROD
Digital Message Device

The KY-879/P is a Digital Message Device (DMD) built around 1981 by Racal Communications Inc. for the US Special Forces (SF). It is a small message terminal that allows coded messages to be sent and received in burst transmissions, to avoid detection by Radio Direction Finding (DF).

The design is based on the Racal series of Message Entry and Readout Devices (MEROD), such as the MA-4248 the MA-4450 and the MA-4480. It is also known as part of the OA-8990/P Digital Message Device Group and by its NSN designator 5820-001-100-3194.

For a detailed description of the device and its conections, please refer to our page about the Racal MA-4450 MEROD.

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Operating the MA-4450

The KY-879/P was used by the US Army in combination with the AN/PRC-70 and AN/PRC-74 radios. In other countries the Racal MEROD message units were sometimes used in combination with other radios, such as the AEG/Telefunken SE-6861.

  1. TM 11-5820-887-10
    Operator's Manual Digital Message Device Group OA-8990/P
    24 October 1983, reprinted from 20 August 1982, scanned by Google.
    NSN 5820-01-102-3921
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