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System 600
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The 600-series was a family of cipher machines that was developed and introduced by Mils Elektronik from the mid-1970s onwards, as a replacement to the successful but ageing 800 family. The line still consists of paper tape-based cipher machines and key generators, but some of them offer support for 'new' media, such as floppy discs and EPROMS.

ME-600 key generator ME-620 OTT cipher machine (mixer) ME-640 OTT cipher machine (mixer)
ME-600 key generator
The ME-600 was a versatile truely random key stream generator for the production of One-Time Tapes (OTT), floppy discs, EPROMs and ordinary paper-based One-Time Pads (OTP).

It was released in the early 1990s, as the successor to the ME-800.

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ME-620 mixer
The ME-620 was an off-line ciphe rmachine for teleprinter networks (Telex) that was developed in the mid-1970s. The machines features the unbreakable One-Time Pad cipher (OTP), but is also capable of using algorithm-based encryption in case no key tapes are available.

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ME-640 cipher machine
The ME-640 is an off-line teleprinter cipher machine that can be used for One-Time Pad encryption (mixer), but also has a built-in key generator which can be used if no key tapes are available. For maximum security the key generator has a very large key space.

The ME-640 was the successor to the ME-840 and was introduced in 1986.

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