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Mils Electronic
Mils Electronic was a manufacturer of cipher machines and other encryption/decryption systems, located in Mils (Austria). The company was founded in 1947 in Trier (Germany) by Willi Reichert as Reichert Elektronik, but moved to Austria in 1967 to evade export restrictions and remain neutral and independent. At the same time, the company was renamed Mils Elektronic. 1 Although Mils supplied various types of cryptographic systems, their main niche was the unbreakable One-Time Pad (OTP). After a major restructuring in July 2017, Mils Electronic was dissolved in 2018.

 History of Mils Electronic

  1. Later changed to the more international spelling: Mils Electronic.

Individual products
Reichert 5010
Reichert Elektronik Random Key Tape Perforator
Mils' first family of random key generators
OTT cipher machine (mixer) for teletype networks (telex)
System 700 - E-mail security for PCs
ME-840 telex-based cipher machine (mixer)
PCCM-4000 electronic pocket cipher machine
ME-540 portable electronic cipher machine
MilsCard M-286, USB security stick
ME-600 key generator
ME-620 OTT cipher machine (mixer)
ME-640 telex/ASCII cipher machine with OTP and internal key generator
Mils Secure Telephone (Philips PNVX)
Mils Fax Encryptor (Philips PFDX)
Product families
Early cipher machines by Reichert Elektronik
System 67 (MEA-67)
System 200
System 600
System 700 - E-mail security for PCs
System 800
Wanted items
Although we have quite a bit of information about the various cipher machines made by Mils and its predecessor Reichert, we have virtually none of the items listed above in our collection. Should you have any surplus Reichert/Mils devices that you would like to donate, please let us know.

Further information
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