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F-27 Neozit   Неоцит
KGB surveillance camera - this page is a stub

The F-27, codenamed Neozit 1 (Russian: Нетцит), was an electronic minature covert surveillance camera developed in the USSR by the Krasnogorski Mekhanicheskii Zavod (KMZ) and introduced in 1985 as the successor to the long-lived F-21 Ayaks. The camera was mainly used for surveillance operations by the Soviet intelligence agency KGB and its sister organisations in other countries of the Warsaw Pact. The F-27 Neozit was succeeded in 1989 by the very similar Zakhod 2 (Заход).

  1. Neozit is sometimes written as Neosit, Neotsit or Neocet.
  2. Zakhod is sometimes written as Zahod or Zachod.

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