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TMS - electronic GmbH

TMS Electronic – elektronische Spezialgerate GmbH (special electronic devices), or TMS for short, was a small electronics company in Köln (Germany), founded on 8 November 1971 and based at Hirtzstraße 1, 1 conveniently located at the outskirts of Köln, close to exit 11a of Motorway A4.

The company supplied an impressive range of (clandestine) transmitters that were intended for covertly overhearing conversations, listed in a nice A5-size brochure with photographs and full descriptions. Because the German Law did not allow the use of such transmitters, all devices in the brochure were for export only, and the company's name and contact details were omitted.

The same products 4 were also sold by other spy shops in Europe and at airports, and even the intelligence services behind the Iron Curtain appear to have been interested. The TM-104, for example, was obtained for research by the East German Stasi, and within the Czech StB the same device was known as Štěnice IX. Apparently, the company did not manage to survive, as – according to the Handelsregister 2 in Köln, TMS electronic ceased to exist on 3 June 1975. 3

  1. Today another company is located at this address.
  2. Chamber of Commerce.
  3. It is possible that the company continued under a different name, but this is currently unknown.
  4. In most cases under different model numbers.

TMS products on this website
TM-104 FM transmitter with contact microphone
Sugar cube bug
Telephone microphone replacement (transmitter)
Ballpoint transmitter
Known TMS products
Below is a list of products that were supplied by TMS, compiled from the company's brochure [A]. Note that the same devices were supplied by other spy & security shops, such as PK-Electronic and PSS Spy Shop, under different model numbers.

  • TM-99
    Wireless telephone tapping device
  • TM-100-L
    Wireless miniature microphone (long life)
  • TM-100-S
    Wireless miniature microphone (long range)
  • TM-101
    Wireless telephone bug
  • TM-102
    Wired telephone tap
  • TM-103
    Wireless telephone and room bugging device
  • TM-104
    Wireless contact microphone
  • TM-105
    Wireless subminiature microphone (sugar cube bug)
  • TM-106
    Wireless telephone (microphone) bug
  • TM-107
    Wireless FM microphone
  • TM-107-S
    Special, long range (> 5km)
  • TM-108
    Portable wireless FM microphone
  • TM-109
    Wireless subminiature microphone in ballpoint
  • TM-110
    Wireless microphone in ashtray
  • TM-111
    Wireless miniature microphone in power splitter
  • TM-112
    Wireless microphone in cigarette lighter
  • TM-113
    Wireless telephone and room bug for continuous use
  • TM-500
    Remote controlled microphone
  • TM-501
    Remote control unit for TM-500
  • TM-200
    Contact microphone with amplifier and headphones
  • TM-202
    Briefcase with cassette recorder
  • TM-203
    RF detector
  • TM-204
    Telephone scrambler with acoustic coupler
  • TM-205
    Telephone scrambler (wired)
  • TM-206
    Telephone detector for tape recorder
  • TM-300
    VHF FM receiver for 75, 100 or 150 MHz range
Last known address
  • TMS - electronic, elektronische Spezialgerate GmbH 1
    Hirzstr. 1
    T: 0221 428973
  1. Please note that a different company is now located at this address, and that the phone number has meanwhile been re-issued.

  1. TMS 'electronics' catalogue
    Date unknown, but probably early 1972/73. 1
  1. Document kindly supplied by Detlev Vreisleben [1].

  1. Detlev Vreisleben, TMS electronic catalogue
    Received May 2019.
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