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Surveillance Radio System - this page is a stub

SRS-35 was a Surveilance Radio System (SRS), developed around 1966 by an unknown party for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The system consists of a covert listening device (bug) with an audio masking scheme based on subcarrier modulation (SC), an existing surveillance receiver and an SRR-35 FM subcarrier demodulator. The following items were part of the SRS-35.

SRS-35 system components
Covert listening device (bug) with subcarrier audio masking
Subcarrier demodulator (for audio frequencies)

The SRR-35 is described in its documentation [A] as an FM Receiver. Note however that it is not suitable for the reception of RF signals, but only for connection to the IF-output (i.e. the video output) of an existing intercept receiver. The SRR-35 takes the 40 kHz subcarrier signal (produced by an SRT-35 transmitter) from the receiver's output and demodulates its FM signal.   

Suitable receivers
CIA VHF intercept receiver SRR-5
SRR-8 surveillance receiver 30-1000 MHz (1963)
ACL SR-209 HF/VHF/UHF/SHF surveillance receiver (CIA designator SRR-23S)
The following surveillance receivers are listed as suitable in order of preference [A]:

  1. SRR-35 Receiver Field Manual
    June 1966.
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