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Spy receivers
Receivers used for clandestine reception

Not all spies and agents have a transceiver at their disposal. In practice, many agents only used a receiver for the reception of coded messages. In some cases, the agent used a domestic receiver in combination with a purpose-built clandestine transmitter. This section of the website lists various receivers that were used for the reception of clandestine transmissions.

World War II
The UK Type 36/1 (MCR-1) Norwegian Receiver Type 31/1 (Sweetheart) Polish OP-3 (Type 30/1) WW-II clandestine receiver RBZ receiver (WWII)
Portable Communications Receiver (PCR)
Radione R3 receiver
Cold War
Post-war version of the UK Type 36/1 (MCR-1) Rion spy radio set Mk. 301 Receiver BND short-wave converter FE-8 (BN-58) short wave receiver BN-48 (UHU) backup receiver
Mk. 328 Receiver Zenith Royal 1000 Trans-Oceanic receiver
Czechoslovakian VHF or UHF bug receiver VEB Sternradio Sonneberg (DDR) - Sternchen PLUTO receiver Sony ICF-2001D receiver that was used by some Soviet spies in the West Sony ICF-7600DS digital general coverage receiver Sony ICF-PRO70 travel radio Sony ICF-PRO80 travel radio Sony ICF-SW1, LW, SW, MW and UKW receiver
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