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BPU-7000 Battery
Non-rechargeable LiMnO2 battery pack

The BPU-7000 was a non-rechargeable battery pack for the Telefunken HRM-7000 manpack radio. It was manufactured by Telefunken System Technik (TST) and consisted of LiMnO2 battery cells. The battery unit would normally be mounted to the rear of the HRM-7000 radio station [1].

The battery consists of a die-cast aluminium body, that is molded in such a way that it can be used as an integral part of the HRM-7000. It has a 3-pin connector that automatically mates with the radio as soon as the battery is put in place. A self-restoring fuse protects the battery against short-circuits. When the battery is exhausted is has to be fully discharged and then recycled.

As this battery was produced in large quantities, it was also used by the German Special Forces (Fernspäher) with the FS-5000M field station, as an alternative for the standard NiCd batteries.
BPU-7000 battery

For this purpose a special cable was supplied that allowed the BPU-7000 to be connected to the leftmost battery socket of the transmitter. Five black plastic Velcro dots are affixed to both the transmitter and the battery pack, in such a way that the battery can be fitted upside-down on top of the transmitter. The cable then connects the battery to the leftmost battery socket.

The application of the BPU-7000 battery and the special cable was suggested in the FS-5000M manual [2] as an alternative to the standard station battery. Although this may look like a professional solution, in practice it is quite clumsy. Both connectors easily come loose.

The image on the right shows the FS-5000M configured for use by German Special Forces. The battery is fitted on top of the transmitter, whilst the receiver is mounted at the front. In this mode, the DSU is detached and is connected to the receiver via the optional VK-5000 cable.
Special Forces setup

In practice, the battery cable was held in place by a short canvas strap around the assembly. The complete station was probably carried on the body by SF-personnel in a suitable back pack, with the DSU carried in the hand or on the chest. As the battery has a capacity of 20Ah, and the FS-5000 sends digital messages as extremely short burst (< 0.8 sec), it is sufficient for many hours of use, before the battery has to be replaced. The empty battery then has to be recycled.

BPU-7000 battery BPU-7000 battery Transmitter and battery side-by-side Special battery cable Placing the special battery cable Special battery cable connected to the battery Battery installed on the radio Special Forces setup

Alternative battery
A more suitable battery, also based on LiMnO2 technology, was developed by Telefunken, a few years after the FS-5000 was introduced. It is shown in the image on the right.

It is currently unknown whether this type of battery was ever produced in large quantities, but it seems likely that it never got passed the prototype stage, as it was too expensive for the relatively small FS-5000 market at the time.

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Alternative double-size battery

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