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Radio sets of the former Yugoslav Rupublic

This section of the website deals with radio sets that were developed and/or built in the former Yugoslavic Republic (Yugoslavia). In the period following WWII, many American radio sets were left behind as some form of military aid. Some of these sets were later copied or built under licence of the original manufacturer, such as the BC-1000 radio (known in Yugoslavia as RUP-1).

During the Cold War, Yugoslavia was a communist state, but was never part of the Warsaw Pact (Sovjet Union and allied states) [1]. Although the country was sometimes considered to be behind the Iron Curtain [2], it was always able to obtain equipment and components from both sides. For this reason, a wide international variety of equipment can be found here, from countries like the USSR and the rest of the Warsaw Pact, the US, Europe and, of course, Yugoslavia itself.

Over the years Yugoslavia had built up an impressive electronics industry, with companies like the television factory Rudi Čajavec in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) making a wide variety of radio sets and encryption devices. A series of Yugoslav Wars (1991-2001) [3] resulted in the dissolution of the Yugoslav Republic and eventually led to the independence of the individual republics of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Serbia. As a result, much of the existing industry had to be restructured or was forced to close its doors.

Yugoslav radio sets on this website
RUP-12 manpack VHF-L radio
RU-2 manpack VHF-L radio
Encryption devices used by the Yugoslav Armed Forces
Known Yugoslav radio sets
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