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BAMS was an integrated combat net radio system (CNR) developed and used by the Belgium Armed Forces in the 1980s and 1990s. It was used for VHF communication in the 30-108 MHz range in 25kHz steps. It has built-in protection against Counter Measures, such as Frequency Hopping (FH) with more than 200 hops/s and between 1 and 3120 hopping frequencies. It can also be used in single frequency mode with analog (FM-F3E) and digital (F) frequency modulation. Both FH and F can be encrypted (called SFH and SF).

Development of BAMS was started in 1983 and was funded by the Belgium government. The first orders were placed in late 1989 and the first units were delivered in 1992. Around 7000 sets were installed from 1993 onwards. BAMS was built by an association of companies, originally consisting of:

  • NV Alcatel Bell Telephone, Antwerd (Belgium)
  • Alcatel Bell-SDT SA, Charleroi
  • Thomson-CSF Electronics Belgium SA (now Thales Communications), Tubize
  • SAIT Systems SA, Brussels
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