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Siegfried Türkel
Criminalistic expert and cryptologist - this page is a stub

Siegfried Carl Türkel (31 January 1875 - 20 April 1933), his surname also written as Tuerkel, was a lawyer and scientific director at the criminal institute of the Austrian Federal Police in Vienna (Austria). He was a statistician, criminal psychiatrist, crime chemist and — to a certain extent — cryptologist. In 1927, he published Chiffrieren mit Geräten und Maschinen (ciphering with devices and machines), in which he even mentions the early commercial Enigma cipher machines [a].

Sigfried Carl Türkel in 1932. Image via Wikipedia Germany [1].

  1. Chiffrieren mit Geräten und Maschinen (high resolution) 1
    Siegfried Türkel. Graz, 1927. (80 MB + 180 MB).
     Beilagen (attachments)

  2. Chiffrieren mit Geräten und Maschinen (low resolution) 2
    Siegfried Türkel. Graz, 1927.
     Beilagen (attachments)

  3. Kryptographische Parerga (vom Chiffrieren und Dechiffrieren):
    Kasuistisches aus der kriminalistischen Praxis.
    Siegfried Türkel, Graz, 1929.
For further publications check [1].

  1. Scanned and kindly provided by Jorg Drobick.
  2. Scanned by Arthur Bauer and available from his website.  More (off-site)

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    Retrieved August 2020.
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