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News in 2010
This page contains some of our preview news clippings. Please note that the information below has been written some time ago and my have lost its relevance by now. The information is retained here for historical reasons only.

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Enigma-E in stock again at BP
10 June 2010

After a period of inavailability of the Enigma-E kit at Bletchley Park we are pleased to announce that new stock is now available. Both the Enigma-E and the UhrBox-E can be ordered from the BP shop.

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Enigma-E website moved to Crypto Museum website
2 February 2010

Today, the well-known Enigma-E website has been moved here completely. It is now fully integrated with the Crypto Museum website. The website has been given an new layout and the text and photographs have been updated. Furthermore, many new links to additional information have been added.

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