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Enigma. We have got news.
6 December 2019

It is widely known that the Poles were the first to break the Enigma cipher, and that – just before the outbreak of WWII – they shared their know­ledge with French and British intelligence, during a secret meeting in Pyry (Poland). However, the exact details of the Pyry meeting have so far never been found in French or British archives.

In this video, Polish writer Marek Grajek presents new facts about the breaking of Enigma, based on files disclosed by French intelligence in 2016, and comments on it together with Sir Dermot Turing and Prof. Philippe Guillot.

 Watch the video (English subtitles)
 Same videowith French subtitles

Secret Communications 3
4 June 2019

Following the success of our earlier exhibitions in 2013 and 2016, Crypto Museum has once again teamed up with Athur Bauer's Foundation for German Communication in Duivendrecht (Netherlands) for an exhibition that will open in November of this year.

 More information
Resonant cavity microphone for 360 MHz

NSA intervention in The Netherlands
20 April 2019

The Dutch investigative radio program Argos will today reveal how the NSA changed the algorithm of an existing consumer encryption device, with help from multinational electronics giant Philips.

The story, which dates back to 1983, involves a pocket computer with built-in DES encryption, and even Nelson Mandela. Discover how the PX-1000 – developed by Text Lite and marketed as a pocket telex – was weakened to give the NSA an advantage over other agencies.

 Replay the broadcast
 About the PX-1000
Original PX-1000 made in 1983

KGB Spy Museum opens in New York City
17 January 2019

Today, the exciting new KGB Spy Museum in Manhattan (New York) opens its doors to the press. Over the past few months Lithuanian collector Julius Urbaitis and his daughter Agne have been working hard to bring an interesting and diverse collection of Cold War Spy gadgets together in their new 4000 square-feet museum at 245 West 14th Street in New York.

The museum will be dedicated to the history of the KGB and its far-reaching operations over the years. There are many artifacts, including spy cameras, spy radios, concealment devices, cipher machines, etc.

 More about the museum
 KGB Spy Museum website

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