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Western Electric
Western Electric Company, also known as Western Electric, WE and WECo, was an American electrical engineering and manufacturing company. Between 1881 and 1996, WE was the primary supplier of equipment to AT&T. The company was incorporated in 1872 as the Western Electric Manufacturing Company. In 1875, part of the shares were bought by Western Union, who sold it on to the Bell Telephone Company (BTC) in 1879 after a legal (patent) battle with the latter.

Wester Electric Company logo (image via Wikipedia) [1]

During WWII, Western Electric was responsible for the manufacturing of SIGSALY, the world's first unbreakable digital voice encryption system, that was developed by Bell Labs, and used by the Allied Forces from 1943 onwards for secure communication between London and Washington.

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SIGSALY secure telephony system
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