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Bell Labs
Bell Telephone Laboratories

Bell Telephone Laboratories (BTL), also known as Bell Labs, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Bell and Nokia Bell Labs, is an American research and scientific development company. The company was established in 1925 as a consolidation of Western Electric Research Laboratories and part of the engineering department of the American Telephone & Telegraph company (AT&T). At the time, the company shares were evenly divided between AT&T and Western Electric Company (WE) [1].

Over the years, Bell Labs has been known under a wide variety of names and has been owned by various parent companies, including AT&T and Lucent Technologies. Since 2016, Bell Labs is owned by the Finnish company Nokia, and is currently known as Nokia Bell Labs, with the logo:

Engineers and researchers of Bell Labs are responsible for many important developments and/or inventions, such as radio astronomy, the transistor, the laser, the charge-coupled device (CCD), the photovoltaic cell, the Unix operating system and the programming languages C and C++. During WWII, Bell labs developed the unbreakable telephony system SIGSALY for the Allied Forces.

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SIGSALY secure telephony system
Modular Connector or Registered jack (RJ)
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  • Bell Telephone Laboratories
  • Bell Telephone Labs
  • Bell Labs
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  • AT&T Bell Labs
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Parent companies
Over the years, Bell Labs has been owned by the following companies:

  • AT&T and Western Electric
  • AT&T
  • Lucent Technologies
  • Alcatel Lucent
  • Nokia
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    Retrieved October 2016.
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