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The VILMA National Devices Factory is a manufacturer in Vilnius (Lithuania), founded in 1950. During the times of the Soviet Union (USSR), VILMA produced a range of measuring equipment, audio tape recorders, audio/data wire recorders and other secret products, mainly for use by Soviet intelligence services like the KGB and the GRU, the Soviet Navy and the Soviet Air Force [1].

The current Cilma logo (2018). Copyright Vilma Electronics, Lithuania.

In 1995, after the fall of the Soviet Union, the production of such devices was reduced drastically, and the company gradually made the transition to commercial household products, like washing machines. The old production facilities are still intact today however (2018), so the company is still able to service existing equipment, with Russia and India being its main clients [2].

VILMA products on this website
MN-61 (MH-61) desktop wire recorder
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