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Teltron GmbH

Teltron was a medium-size electronics company in München (Germany), that produced secure speech solutions for the police and other law enforcement agencies in the days of analogue two-way VHF and UHF radio, selling rebatched (OEM) as well as in-house developed equipment.

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Initially, Teletron developed its own products, which were mainly built with discrete components. Later, when custom ICs became available and more advanced methods of voice protection were required, they started selling rebatched (OEM) devices – such as the SP-810 – that were made by Telsy in Italy, who were at that time developing their own custom ICs.

In the early 1980s, when Teltron was selling Telsy's TDS-2000 series (named TVC-9000 by Teltron), they decided to copy the designs from Telsy without permission, and build the devices themselves again. In the mid-1980s, a large batch of TVC-9000 units was sold to an African country. This alledged theft of Intellectual Property (IP) severely damaged the relationship between Teltron and Telsy and prompted the latter to take the necessary precaution to protect their company secrets in the future [2].

In the following years, Teltron introduced a range of secure voice products, some of which were based on the TVC-9000 series, but also the very successful single-piece microphone/scrambler SP-850, that could be added to any existing VHF/UHF radio. Some of Teltron's products were sold as rebatched produces (OEM) by ANT in Backnang.

With the introduction of digital two-way radio, such as Tetranet, many law enforcement agencies in Europe abandonned analogue radio and, hence, the voice scramblers and other secure voice products that were used with such radios. As a result, Teltron GmbH lost most of its turnover and was eventually dissolved in 1988. The name 'Teltron' is used by several other companies, both in Germany and abroad, which are not related to the former Munich-based crypto manufacturer.

 Teltron crypto equipment

Last known address
  • Teltron
    Franz-Prüller Straße 15
    8000 München 8

  • Teltron GmbH
    Freischützstraße 96 81927 München
  1. Helmut 'Jim' Meyer, HS0ZHK, My way to Ham - Radio and beyond
    Website QRZ.COM. Personal correspondence. Retrieved July 2015.

  2. Oscar Steila, personal correspondece
    Former director of Telsy, August 2015.
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