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Selex ES
Selex Communications

Selex ES was an international electronics and information technology business, based in Italy and the UK. The company was a subsidary of Finmeccanica (now: Leonardo) in Italy and was formed in January 2013 following a merger of Selex Galileo, Selex Elsag and Selex Sistemi Integrati, some of which had previously been merged with other companies such as Marconi (UK) and part of British Aerospace (BAE). Selex ES had approx. 16,500 employees and revenues of €3.5 billion (2015) [1].

Selex ES corporate logo. Copyright Selex ES [1].

In 2016, following a global restructuring at parent company Finmeccanica, the latter was renamed Leonardo and Selex ES was fully integrated into Leonardo's Electronics, Defence and Security Sector, after which it would be acting under the new generic name Leonardo.

 About Leonardo

Selex equipment on this website
Selex/Marconi H-4855 Personal Role Radio (PRR)
Selex H4855 ELSA Enhanced Encrypted Personal Role Radio (EZ-PRR)
ANT/Siemens/R&S DS-102 key tape reader
ANT/Siemens/R&S DS-102 key transfer device
Selex and Selex products are also known under different names:

  • Selex ES
  • Selex Communications
  • Marconi Selex Communications
  • Marconi
  • Leonardo
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  1. Website no longer available since 2016.

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