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Rundfunk- und Fernmelde-Technik

RFT was not a manufacturer but a consortium of state-owned companies (VEB) in the field of radio and television in the former DDR (East Germany). There were two RFT sections. The first one, known as VEB Kombinat Rundfunk- und Fernsehtechnik, was for civil broadcast electronics, such as radio and television sets. The second one was less well known. It was called VEB Kombinat Nachrichtenelektronik and was active in the field of communications technology [1].

The communications branch of RFT consisted of 14 companies (VEBs) and one research institute in Berlin (later: ZFTN). This consortium produced a wide variety of communications equipment, such as intercept receivers, telephones, hand-held and mobile two-way radios, and antennas, for which they held the exclusive production rights. They worked mainly for East German government organisations, such as the National People's Army (NVA), the police and the repressive Ministry for State Security (MfS), also known as the Stasi.

RFT equipment on this website
Intercept and Communications Receiver 2170, also known as the Stasi Receiver
Not yet available
Covert 2-way FM radio transceiver for concealed use and surveillance
DDR: Digital burst encoder built in the DDR (East-Germany) during the Cold War
Ilmenau 210 tabletop radio receiver
VEB Sternradio Sonneberg (DDR) - Sternchen
VEB Kombinat Rundfunk- und Fernsehtechnik
This RFT consortium mainly manufactured radios, television sets and other domestic appliances, although some companies also produced equipment that would normally have been the field of the Kombinat Nachrichtenelektronik. As there were many RFT companies in this section, we have only listed that ones that produced equipment that is featured on this website:

VEB Kombinat Nachrichtenelektronik
The RFT consortium of communications companies [1] consisted of:

  • VEB Nachrichtenelektronik 'Albert Norden' Leipzig
  • VEB Nachrichtenanlagenbau Leipzig
  • VEB Funkwerk Köpenick
  • VEB Funk- und Fernmeldeanlagenbau Berlin 2
  • VEB Meßelektronik Berlin
  • VEB Studiotechnik
  • Institut für Nachrichtentechnik Berlin 1
  • VEB Nachrichtentechnik Greifswald
  • VEB Fernmeldewerk Neustadt-Glewe
  • VEB Fernmeldeschrank- und Gehäusebau Calau
  • VEB Fernmeldewerk Nordhausen
  • VEB Fernmeldewerk Arnstadt
  • VEB Fernmeldewerk Bautzen
  • VEB Meßgerätewerk Zwönitz
  • VEB Funkwerk Kölleda
  1. From 1987 onwards known as ZFTN.
  2. This included Funk- und Fernmeldeanlagenbau Rostock.

MfS   Ministerium für Staatssicherheit
Ministery for State Security of the former DDR (East Germany); one of most effective and repressive intelligence and secret police agencies in the world. The agency is commonly known as Stasi, which is the abbreviation of Staats-Sicherheit, and had its headquarters in East-Berlin. The Stasi had strong ties with the Russian intelligence service KGB.  More  Wikipedia  Wikipedia Germany
NVA   Nationale Volksarmee
The NVA, the National People's Army, were the armed forces of the former DDR (East Germany) from 1956 to 1990.  Wikipedia
RFT   Rundfunk- und Fernmelde-Technik
RFT is not a manufacturer, but a consortium of many different electronics companies in the former DDR (East Germany) during the Cold War. As such, RFT is often combined with the name of the actual manufacturer, although in some cases equipment is sold exclusively under the RFT brand.  Wikipedia
Stasi   Ministerium für Staatssicherheit
VEB   Volkseigener Betrieb
Publicly Owned Operation (i.e. state-owned enterprise). Main legal form of industrial enterprises in the former DDR (East Germany) during the major part of the Cold War. Immediately after the end of WWII, many private companies in East Germany were nationalised and became VEBs. After the reunification of Germany in 1990, many of the VEBs were privatised again.  Wikipedia
  1. Wikipedia Germany, Rundfunk- und Fernmelde-Technik
    Description of RFT (German). Retrieved May 2013.
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