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Ocean Applied Research   OAR
Ocean Applied Research, or OAR, was incorporated in 1970 in San Diego, California, USA. The company became famous for its affordable (radio) direction finding equipment (RDF), the first of which was the ADF-210 that was well accepted by industrial, military and civil maritime users.

OAR logo (first registered in July 1969. Still registered in 2016 by Cubic Communications Inc.)

The ADF devices were particularly loved by the tuna fishing industry, where they were used to find large schools of tuna fish, simply by attaching a homing or beacon transmitter to a single tuna, which was then set 'free' in the ocean. Being a social animal, the tuna would search for the nearest school and join it. This gave fishing companies with an ADF unit a big adavantage.

The ADF-210 was followed in 1981 by the highly popular ADF-320 [2], which is still a much-wanted item on the second hand market today (2016). It was available in many versions in a wide variety of frequency ranges. Apart from affordable solutions for the civil market, OAR also built a number of specials, the so-called 900-series, for governmental and law enforcement agencies.

In 1978, OAR was acquired by CompuDyne Corporation, but kept trading under its own name. Several years later, in 1987, CompuDyne got involved in a money skimming and tax scandal that involved some of its subcontractors and subsidaries, including Mitel, Farinon and OAR, but the issue 1 was settled by paying a fine and changing company procedures, and all involved survived.

In 1995, OAR was acquired by Cubic Communications Inc. (Cubic) after the latter wanted to expand its business portfolio. As part of the takeover, Cubic promised to invest a substantial sum in the expansion and modernisation of the Direction Finding (DF) product line. Over the years, the name OAR gradually disappeared to make place for Cubic's own Direction Finding products [6].

  1. Mr. Raymond M. Moreno of CompuDyne was accused of skimming US$ 5 million from a Pentagon financed deal with the Philippnes (for a total of US$ 17 million), and of filing inaccurate income tax returns, through its subsidary Ocean Applied Research. In this case, OAR was acquitted [5].

OAR equipment on this website
ADF-210 automatic direction finder for the 27 MHz band
ADF-320 automatic direction finder for the 148-174 MHz band
Variant of the ADF-320 made for the CIA
ADF-940 automatic direction finder for 27 MHz band
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