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Midnight Blue
Security consultancy firm

Midnight Blue is a specialist security consultancy firm, based in The Netherlands. The company specialises in high-end (cyber) security research with a particular focus on embedded systems, ranging from Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) to communications and security systems [1].

In July 2023, Midnight Blue reached the headlines when it revealed that it had found several flaws in the security of the TETRA radio network, two of which were deemed critical. One vulnerability was even identified as a deliberately created backdoor. Investigators from the company found the weaknesses after two and a half years of in-depth research — codenamed TETRA:BURST — during which the cryptographic and authentication algorithms were reverse-engineered and analysed [2].

  1. Midnight Blue corporate website
    Visited 27 July 2023.

    Midnight Blue, 24 July 2023.
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