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Kapsch is a multinational manufacturer of electronics equipment, with its headquarters in Wien (Vienna, Austria). The company was founded in 1892 by Johann Kapsch, and became known for the development and manufacturing of telephone equipment and exchanges. During World War II, Kapsch developed a range of radio direction finders for the German Army. Today (2016), Kapsch is active in the field of telecom and road toll systems, and employs more than 7000 people [1].

Kapsch equipment on this website
Gürtelpeiler (portable direction finder)
Known products
  • Fu.N.P. Ger.a/c
    Nahfeldpeiler mit Peilvorsatz und Nahfeldpeiler R30
  • Fu.H.P. Eku3
    Kofferempfänger fur die Peilung von Agentensendern
  • Gürtelpeilgerät
  • Ukw P.E.e1
    UKW - Peilempfänger zur Peilung meteorologischer Windsondern
  • Torn. FuG c
    Portable transceiver

The Kapsch & Söhne factory in Vienna, after 1918. Source unknown.
Kapsch & Söhne (Kapsch & Sons) in Vienna, after 1918

1892   Founded
Johann Kapsch founds a precision workshop in Wien (Vienna, Austria) for producing Morse telegraph devices and telephones.
1914   WWI
During WWI (1914-1918) Kapsch develops telephone and radio equipment for the Army.
1923   Radio
Kapsch enters the radio manufacturing business with the Pioneer L receiver. Kapsch is also the co-founder of Radio Verkehrs AG (RAVAG).
1930   Television
First demonstration with television transmission and reception in Austria, from the Kapsch pavillion at the Vienna Trade Fair.
1939   WWII
During WWII, Austria is part of the German Third Reich and produces radio equipment and radio direction finding equipment for the German Army.
1941   Gürtelpeiler
Development of a range of radio direction finders for the German Army, ranging from mobile and portable solutions to the so-called Gürtelpeiler, which can be hidden under the operator's clothing.
1946   Telephone
After WWII, Kapsch plays a key role in the reconstruction of the public telephone network, together with the Austrian Post.
1948   Exchange
Development of the first nation-wide direct-dial telephone exchange, which is first used in 1950 in Eferding (Austria).
1950   Portable radio
1955   B/W TV
Television is becomming a household item and Kapsch introduces its first black-and-white television set, the TFS-56.
1958   Capri
Release of the first all-transistor portable radio named 'Capri'.
1965   Dial
Development of low-noise dialing disk for telephone sets. Remains in use until the 1980s.
1967   Colour TV
Presentation of the first Kapsch colour television set: the Chromatic.
1969   OHS
Development of an OHS system for semi-electronic telephone exchange system operation.
1970   Train radio
Installation of train radio for the Austrian Railways ÖBB.
1972   Batteries
Development of batteries with non-leak guarantee.
1978   Digital
Development and production of digital communications equipment, to bring Austria into the digital telephony age.
1979   Radar
Development and production of the medium-range radar system 'Koralpe'.
1980   Schrack
Start of digital telephony in Austria with 'Schrack'.
1984   Mobile telephony
Kapsch enters the mobile telephony market with systems for the Austrian Army and the Austrial Railways.
1989   Subsidaries
Expansion into Eastern Europe with new offices in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Slovenia and Croatia.
1991   GSM
First telephone call in Austria on the new digital mobile network GSM.
1994   Trains
Installation of communications systems in trains in several European countries.
1999   Toll systems
Implementation of the world's first electronic toll system for multi-lane free-flow traffic, in Melbourne (Australia).
2002   Restructuring
Kapsch restructures its activities into three autonomous organisations: Kapsch TrafficCom AG, Kapsch BusinessCom AG and Kapsch CarrierCom AG.
2003   Truck toll system
Implementation of the world's largest electronic truck toll system in Austria.
2013   TETRA
Kapsch enters the market for communications solutions based on TETRA technology.
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