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Danavox (officially: GN Hearing A/S) is a Danish manufacturer of hearing aids, founded in 1943 by Gerd Rosenstand. It is owned by GN Store Nord and has its headquartrs in Ballerup, near Copenhagen (Denmark). Since 1999, the company is known in the United States as GN ReSound.

The old DANAVOX logo

Danavox also produces special equipment that is not listed in its standard catalog, such as the invisible wireless earpieces that are derived from Danavox' line of hearing aids. These products are used by the Police and other services for surveillance. Some are highlighted in this website.

Danavox equipment on this website
Danavox 131-CD/TELE wireless induction earpiece
Danavox was founded in 1943 by Gerd Rosenstand. In 1977 the company was acquired by the Great Nordic Telegraph Company (GNTC). After GNTC had changed its name to GN Store Nord in 1985, all of its subsidaries were renamed to include the GN prefix. And thus Danavox became known as GN Danavox [1].

In 1999, GN Store Nord acquired the American company ReSound in California, merged it with GN Danavox and renamed it GN ReSound. At the time it was the 4th largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the world [2]. In 2006 the parent company – GN Store Nord – announced that it wanted to sell the loss-making hearing aid business to the Swiss manufacturer Sonova (formerly: Phonak), but the deal was anulled after intervention from the German Cartel Office. GN Hearing then restructured its business and invested heavily in the development of new technology.

Since then, the company lauched remarkable innovations, such as the introduction of 2.4 GHz technology (2010), water-resistant nano-scale polymer coating (2010), direct streaming from iPhone devices (2014), remote fine-tuning (2017) and support for Android (2019). Within the GN Group, the hearing aid business is known as GN Hearing A/S. The devices are manufactured by GN Store Nord, and are marketed by GN Hearing under the brand names GN ReSound (USA) and Danavox (Europe). Its headquarters is located in Ballerup near Copenhagen (Denmark).

  • 1943
    Founded by Gerd Rosenstand
  • 1977
    Taken over by Great Nordic Telegraph Company
  • 1985
    Great Nordic Telegraph Company renamed GN Store Nord
  • 1999
    Acquisition of ReSound (California, USA) — GN Hearing
  • 2006
    GN Hearing to be divested to Sonova (formerly Phanok) 1
  • 2010
    Introduction of 2.4 GHz technology
  • 2010
    Introduction of nano-scale polymer coating
  • 2013
    Cooperation with Apple
  • 2014
    Introduction of 'Made for iPhone' hearing aid (2.4 GHz)
  • 2017
    Introduction of remote fine-tuning (via Cloud service)
  • 2019
    Introduction of Android support and Bluetooth-Low-Energy
  1. Blocked by the German Cartel Office.

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