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Compumatica secure networks is a Dutch/German IT-company specialized in the development, production and implementation of high-level security solutions for the protection of sensitive data transmitted over public or private networks. With its headquarters in Uden (Netherlands) and a regular office in Aachen (Germany), the company offers a wide range of security products [2].

Compumatica was established in 1991 and develops high-grade security solutions both for Governments and private enterprises. The company currently employs about 50 people (2013) and is trusted by governments and major companies and organizations worldwide [1]. In 2003, Compumatica bought part of the legacy of Philips Crypto, in order to get access to network technology for the protection of STATE SECRET information, such as Philips' LanGuard and PLDX 6142. These systems were based on Philips' proprietary GCD-Φ crypto chips. Compumatica has a long-standing partnerschip with the German manufacturer of encryption solutions Utimaco.

Compumatica guarantees that there is no duplicate key to their crypto systems that can be handed over to the authorities, and that there are no hidden backdoors either. Some of the company's current products have been approved by the Dutch National Communications Security Agency, the NBV (Nationaal Bureau voor de Verbindingsbeveiliging), and the German Federal Office for Information Security, the BSI (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik).

 Compumatica products on this website

  • CryptoGuard
  • CompuWall
  • CompuMail
  • Crypto phones
  • Secure Mobile Access Solution
  • SMS Secure Management Station
Compumatica was founded in Uden (Netherlands) in 1991. From the outset, the company established partnerships with other security providers, such as KryptoKom, ISS, Cobion and Utimaco, in order to provide a comprehensive and suitable product portfolio for its customers. Within a few years, Compumatica built a good reputation and became one of the main providers of large and complex security solutions in The Netherlands.

In 1993, the first KryptoGuard version was successfully installed by partner KryptoKom at the site of one of Compumatica's customers, and in 1996, the first KryptoWall (also developed by KryptoKom) was delivered to the German Public Authorities.

Early in 2002, Compumatica acquired the Network Security business line of Utimaco Safeware AG (formerly: KryptoKom) and most of its Virtual Private Network (VPN) specialists. Since then, the range of hardware-based VPN products has constantly been further developed and improved. A special version of CryptoGuard VPN, that was developed for the German Public Authorities, has been approved by the BSI according to ITSEC E3/high. It is also integrated in other projects.

A year later, in 2003, Compumatica took over two product lines from Philips Crypto BV after the latter closed down due to lack of revenue. The two products, LanGuard and PLDX 6142 (a 2Mbps link encryptor) were suitable for the protection of information up to the level of STATE SECRET.

In 2005, the company also acquired Utimaco Safeware firewall technology, in order to underline its long-term commitment to the high-end IT-security market. The new technology was added to the existing CryptoWall, making it the only three-stage high-end security firewall on the market today (2013). According to the company, the system is absolutely hacker-proof and has so far never exhibited any weak spots, making it one of the most secure products in its class [1].

In the light of the current debate about terrorism versus privacy, many US companies are giving the authorities access to their customers data. In line with most European crypto manufacturers, Compumatica goes to great length to guarantee that there are no hidden backdoors in their products and that there are no duplicate keys either. With slogans like Security Made in Germany and the registered trademarks shown above, it is emphasized that duplicate keys do not exist.

In 2006, the Dutch variant of the entire CryptoGuard VPN line, ranging from desktop to Gigabit solutions, was awarded the approvals Departementaal Vertrouwelijk and Nato Restricted. In 2008, the CryptoGuard VPN 5000 family was introduced, using integrated smartcard technology.

In 2009, Compumatica expanded its range of secure products with the Compumatica GSM, a mobile phone that protects all voice and SMS communications. At the same time, the new CompuCrypt XL, with a throughput of up to 10 Gbps, was introduced. Later that year, on 1 October, Compumatica took over the secure e-mail gateway from Utimaco Safeware AG. Since 2010, CryptoGuard VPN and SMS are approved for EU Restricted.

In 2011, the company acquired technology for Cloud Security, Routing, Firewall and IPv6, by taking over the Vantronic product range. In addition, the SafeGuard MailGateway of Sophos was transferred to Compumatica in 2013 and has since been renamed to CompuMail Gateway.

Current addresses
  • Compumatica secure networks BV
    Oude Udenseweg 29
    5405 PD Uden
    The Netherlands

    Phone: +31 (0)413 334668

  • Compumatica secure networks GmbH
    Germanusstraße 4
    52080 Aachen

    Phone: +49 (0)241 1696400
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